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Development near Fenway Park would add 443 residences to the area

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Plans call for two buildings totaling more than 420,000 square feet

Rendering via Universal Hub

A pair of developers wants to replace low-rise buildings on 2.16 acres near Fenway Park with two eight-story buildings with 443 residential units.

Boston-based Cabot, Cabot, and Forbes and the CIM Group out of Los Angeles filed plans with the Boston Planning & Development Agency on July 9.

The buildings on Kilmarnock and Queensberry streets, four blocks from the famed ballpark, would total approximately 420,800 square feet and the residences inside would likely be apartments.

The project is also due to include around 7,800 square feet of restaurant and/or retail space; 250 parking spots; and covered bike storage for 443 vehicles. From the filing with the BPDA:

The Project will make improvements to the Fenway neighborhood by replacing surface parking, aging parking garages, and single-story buildings with quality transit-oriented housing at a scale and density that complements the existing and established neighborhood. The Project Site offers neighborhood scale amenities that residents desire within easy access to public transportation, universities, cultural institutions, and quality open spaces.

The project would join a bevy of new construction around Fenway Park, including the Pierce residential tower and the Harlo apartment building. Stay tuned.