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L Street Power Station redevelopment plan in Boston scaled back

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It’s still ambitious: 1,344 residential units, 344 hotel rooms, and more

Rendering of a cavernous food hall filled with shoppers and including a large staircase. Rendering via L Street Station Twitter

The would-be developers of the old the L Street Power Station at 776 Summer Street in South Boston are out with revamped plans for the approximately 15.2-acre site.

Earlier ones had met with community concerns about overwhelming the area with the scope of the project. Now Hilco Redevelopment Partners and Redgate Capital have returned with slightly scaled-back plans that include a proposal for mitigating concerns about traffic in particular.

Here’s a rundown of what the new plans would plunk on the power station site, per a filing with the Boston Planning & Development Agency:

  • approximately 1.93 million square feet of occupiable space total
  • 1,344 residential units
  • 368,070 square feet of office space
  • 85,630 square feet of retail
  • 344 hotel rooms
  • up 1,397 parking spaces

The latest plans—which still need formal approvals—also call for preserving several historic buildings and providing 5.5 acres of new outdoor public spaces, including about 2.5 acres of open space on the waterfront.

As for the traffic mitigation, the Globe’s Tim Logan reports that the developers are working with the MBTA on what they’re calling “innovative supplemental bus service”—basically shuttles to and from the development for not only workers and residents, but anyone with a CharlieCard.

Those shuttles would start when demolition work starts, which the developers hope happens in 2019. Stay tuned.