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Seaport District’s Harbor Way plaza opening with augmented-reality feature

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20,000-square-foot space between 101 Seaport and 121 Seaport will cover 1896 shipwreck discovered during construction

Renderings courtesy of Skanska

On Thursday, August 30, developer Skanska plans to formally unveil its Harbor Way public plaza between two of the company’s office projects, 101 Seaport Boulevard and 121 Seaport Boulevard in the Seaport District.

Mayor Marty Walsh and Joe Bagley, the city’s archaeologist, are scheduled to be the guests of honor.

The 70-foot-wide, 20,000-square-foot pedestrian-friendly plaza will be a kind of open-air museum (and a free one at that). It will include an augmented-reality exhibit that will sync to a downloadable phone application for tours.

And what will it all be about? In May 2016, during construction of 121 Seaport, a Skanska employee noticed the remains of what turned out to be a 19th-century schooner that had caught fire and sank.

Why were the remains of the ship so relatively far inland? Because that area of Boston, like so many others, had since been reclaimed from the sea.

The Harbor Way will cover that 1896 infill as well as the Seaport’s general evolution from actual busy port to trendy neighborhood. The museum will include coverage of the artifacts that archaeologists found within the shipwreck and details of the doomed schooner’s final voyage from Rockland, Maine, to the South Boston Flats.

Thursday’s event will also—not incidentally—mark the finish of what Skanska bills as “Boston’s most sustainable block with the completion of 121 Seaport, a 17-story, 400,000-square-foot, Class-A, LEED Platinum office building.”