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Boston tow lot for sale! 18 acres of prime expanse near downtown and the T

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City plans to sell parcel once key to Olympic bid, but it’s not clear what would go there

The tow lot is to the upper right.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Boston plans to sell an 18-acre site in the Dorchester-South Boston borderlands once deemed key to the region’s failed bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

The tow lot and municipal storage parcel along Frontage Road near the Southeast Expressway has also been bandied about as a site for a pro soccer stadium in Boston.

As it stands, the city plans to use a similar process that allowed it to sell the Winthrop Square Garage. That site is about to host one of the city’s tallest buildings, a mix of condos and offices.

It is unclear what will supplant the tow lot. As the Globe’s Jon Chesto reports, the city plans to consider a range of options that could yet include some sort of athletic facility. The spot is certainly a prime one, between two major neighborhoods, near downtown, and close to the Red Line’s Broadway stop. Stay tuned.