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South End’s Hotel Alexandra site could be reborn as boutique inn

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Development team pitching 150-room hotel with 10-story addition for dilapidated landmark and adjacent lot

An old Gothic building past its prime. Boston Globe via Getty Images

The new owners of the dilapidated Hotel Alexandra and an adjacent parcel, both at the corner of Washington Street and Massachusetts Avenue in the South End-Roxbury borderlands, have filed plans with the city to remake the site as a 150-room boutique hotel, including through a 10-story addition.

The development would also have a ground-floor restaurant, rooftop amenity space, and “other services typically associated with a Class A boutique-style hotel,” JB Ventures and TCR Development, the same force behind Bay Village’s Piedmont Park Square, wrote in their filing.

The developers intend, too, to have “a limited fitness center for hotel guests.” There will not be parking, given the site’s location and parameters.

Perhaps most significantly, the plans include a new 10-story, 60,000-square-foot building on the vacant lot behind the Hotel Alexandra. And the facade of that would be restored.

If the new plans get the requisite approvals and advance, it would cap years of back and forth on the Hotel Alexandra site. The Church of Scientology bought it in 2008, and then put it up for sale in 2014, having failed to come up with the financing to convert it into a local headquarters.

The heir to the CVS fortune inked an agreement to buy it in 2017, but the property’s poor condition precluded redevelopment plans in that case. The church put the site back on the market in March, and here we are. Stay tuned.