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Navy pier next to Blue Hills Bank Pavilion could host new development

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Partially submerged jetty dormant for years despite official okay for a project


The partially submerged Navy pier next to the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston’s Seaport District could end up hosting a two-story, 122,000-square-foot building under plans recently filed with the city.

Recall that Boston officials approved development for the city-owned site in 2013, but little has happened since, per the Globe’s Tim Logan. But now the state is about to approve a fresh master plan for the surrounding Raymond L. Flynn Marine Industrial Park, prompting renewed interest in building on what is officially known as Wharf 8 or Pier 7.

The project would almost certainly be of the non-residential sort. Danvers-based Kavanaugh Advisory Group is behind the plans, which hint at commercial tenants related to maritime industries. Stay tuned. Even the dilapidated parts of Boston are in big demand.