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Kenmore Square’s tallest tower would stretch to nearly 300 feet under new plan

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Development would also rework driving, biking, and walking in the area

Rendering via Studio Gang/Boston Globe

A triangular building reaching nearly 300 feet and housing a luxury hotel would shoot from the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue and Beacon Street in Kenmore Square under plans that were unveiled January 29.

Robert Korff, who owns the Citizens Bank building at the same intersection, sees the tower rising just ahead of a sizable public plaza and just in front of a new street his development would create to connect Commonwealth and Beacon and to thereby divert traffic from an existing five-way intersection.

The plan is preliminary right now, and would need city approval. Area residents and nearby property owners such as the Red Sox and Boston University would also likely have to support the project.

Interestingly, Korff’s plan for what would be the tallest tower in Kenmore Square is bolder than one he put forth in early 2017 for the Citizens Bank building. Residents of a neighboring building and the city opposed it because of its scope and because officials said it would not do enough to improve the streetscape.

The new plan aims to facilitate protected bike paths and shorter crosswalks, per the Globe’s Tim Logan. Stay tuned.