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The Newbury Boston emerging out of former Taj hotel in Back Bay

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Renovations will produce several new guest rooms as well as a 4,000-square-foot rooftop restaurant

Rendering of the first few floors of a hotel at nighttime as it meets the city sidewalk. Highgate

The former Taj Boston Hotel in Back Bay will reopen in spring 2020 as the freshly renamed Newbury Boston following several months of renovations—part of a mini-wave of renovations in Boston’s higher-end hospitality market.

The renovations that will spawn the Newbury Boston have been an open secret since fall 2018. The Taj Boston shuttered and disappeared as a brand last week to allow for more extensive work, per the Globe’s Christopher Muther. A limited liability company that San Francisco-based wealth management and investment firm Iconiq Capital controls owns a majority stake in the future Newbury.

The work on the 92-year-old property—which was the nation’s first Ritz-Carlton hotel before it was rebranded the Taj 12 years ago following a sale—is expected to add 13 guest rooms for a total of 286; and those guest rooms are being redesigned. Also, the Newbury’s front door will be on—surprise—Newbury Street, a change from the current 15 Arlington Street location.

The hotel’s 16,000 square feet of event space is due to be updated as well, with its seasonal rooftop converted for year-round use, according to a fall 2018 release from operator Highgate. That rooftop will include a 4,000-square-foot glass-enclosed restaurant with six retractable panels on the ceiling, per Muther.

Alexandra Champalimaud of Champalimaud Design is overseeing the renovation of the Newbury’s guest rooms, and Jeffrey Beers of Jeffrey Beers International the new entrance and the shared areas.

A hotel room with a bed and other furniture. Highgate

The Newbury is not alone among luxury Boston hotels in undergoing major work. The Langham, Boston at 250 Franklin Street is closed for an overhaul. The Onyx is looking to expand via a 5,499-square-foot parking lot at 155 Portland Street.

Meanwhile, new higher-end hotels are in the works, including a Raffles-branded inn under construction at 40 Trinity Place in Back Bay.