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Seaport World Trade Center changes could mean new waterfront plaza

Leaseholder Fidelity Investments wants to seriously up the retail and restaurant space at the site, too

Cityscape Digital for Pembroke/via Boston Globe

The nearly 120,000-square-foot Commonwealth Hall exhibition space at the Seaport World Trade Center would be shuttered for good and an approximately 25,000-square-foot waterfront courtyard with year-round attractions would replace it in part.

That is according to plans released in mid-February from Pembroke, the real estate arm of Seaport World Trade Center leaseholder Fidelity Investments.

Also under the plans, Fidelity would quintuple the space at the trade center set aside for shops and restaurants to 45,000 square feet, per the Globe’s Jon Chesto. The amount of office space there for the investment giant would total nearly 640,000 square feet.

Fidelity would also make improvements to the connection between the street level at Seaport Boulevard and the upper level of the trade center, where some of the new retail will be located. And some of that outdoor space will go in along the Harborwalk, making it publicly accessible.

All of these plans are tentative and subject to the necessary city and state approvals. But if Pembroke/Fidelity gets the necessary okays soon, construction could start in 2020, with everything wrapping by 2024.

The revamped Seaport World Trade Center would be but the latest redesign of a prominent portion of Boston waterfront. These include the publicly accessible outdoor space at Pier 4 opening this summer.