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UMass’ Bayside Expo Center site developer pick near

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20-acre parcel near the JFK/UMass Red Line stop is one of the choicest in the region

Construction equipment demolishing an old mall site.
The center was demolished in 2016.
Boston Globe via Getty Images

One of the choicest development sites in the Boston area will soon have a developer.

A University of Massachusetts board is set to pick a builder for the 20-acre Bayside Expo parcel just east of the Red Line’s JFK/UMass stop. A sale of the site has been imminent for months—though UMass has yet to either name a final price nor pick a developer.

On February 14, the university’s Board and Building Authority is expected to vote on the former, which will likely reveal the latter, per the Globe’s Tim Logan. It was not clear as of February 13 which developer the school has picked, though some big names are said to be in the running.

The other big question, though, is what might fill the 20 acres. UMass sees a corporate campus in its future. The school nabbed the site for a mere $18.7 million in a foreclosure in 2010, and uses it mostly for parking.

It hopes to use money from the sale for much-need campus infrastructure work.