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Watertown’s Arsenal Yards subbing out residential building for life sciences property

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Building facing the Charles River will have floor plates of up to 20,000 square feet

Rendering via Arsenal Yards

It’s not exactly the makings of another Kendall Square, but the developers behind the massive Arsenal Yards project in Watertown want to sub out a planned residential building in favor a 130-foot property for life sciences companies.

The eight- or nine-story building would be on the southeastern section of the development’s footprint and face the Charles River. Its floor plates would run from 16,000 to 20,000 square feet, according to developers Boylston Properties and the Wilder Companies.

It would include a garage, and the work would spawn a path to the Charles and a public park next-door. Should the developers get the requisite approvals soon, the life sciences building would open sometime in 2022 after about 18 months of construction.

As for other parts of Arsenal Yards—a $400 million redevelopment of the Arsenal Mall in Watertown’s East End—they are expected to start opening before the end of this year.