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Winthrop Center’s ‘Great Hall’ becomes ‘the Connector’

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Still grand in scope, the privately owned public space will run between Devonshire and Federal streets and have room for events

A big construction site in downtown Boston, for a tower called Winthrop Center. Boston Globe via Getty Images

The developer of Winthrop Center, the 691-foot, approximately 1.3 million-square-foot skyscraper under construction in downtown Boston, has revamped its plans for the building’s so-called Great Hall.

That capacious privately owned public space was due to include multiple stories and, as the name suggests, some serious ceiling height. In its place will be what MP Boston, an offshoot of Millennium Partners, is calling “the Connector.”

It will be a long lobby at the tower’s base, with high ceilings and removable furniture, between Federal and Devonshire streets. It, too, will be open to the public; and, because the furniture can be removed, will be available for events.

The Connector is also due to include digital boards displaying information about Winthrop Center and the surrounding neighborhood, per the Globe’s Jon Chesto. The name the Connector, too, is meant to be less grandiose and perhaps more accessible than “Great Hall.”

Either way, such a privately owned public space—which the developer is on the hook for maintaining—was a key part of the deal that landed Millennium the development rights to the former city-owned Winthrop Square Garage.

Construction is supposed to wrap by 2022, with an opening scheduled that year. Stay tuned.