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Jamaica Plain condo project highlights parking-conversion trend in Boston

Four-story condo building with work-live lofts for artists will replace parking lot

Rendering via BPDA

The Boston Planning and Development Agency on May 16 approved the construction of a four-story residential building on what’s now a parking lot at 121 Brookside Avenue in Jamaica Plain.

The project, falling where it does, underscores an ongoing trend in Boston at large: The conversion or co-opting of conventional parking for other uses, including housing. It’s especially pronounced in downtown, where entire garages are giving way. But the trend is likely to spread to outer neighborhoods such as JP.

The 121 Brookside development is due to have 23 condos. Among those units, two will be live-work lofts for qualified artists and two will be income-restricted. The complex will also include 11 parking spots on the first floor. It’s near the Green Street stop on the Orange Line.

Cedar Hill Design & Development, the developer behind 121 Brookside, is also building the 4.5-story, nine-unit residential building nearby at 114-120 Brookside. That project, too, has work spaces for creatives as well as on-site parking.