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South Boston waterfront development parcel—one of the last of its kind—up for grabs

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Location off Raymond L. Flynn Marine Industrial Park could end up hosting yet another life sciences project for the Boston region

An aerial image of development parcels in South Boston. Image via the BPDA

Developers will get their chance this fall to propose projects for one of the last development parcels on the South Boston waterfront.

The Boston Planning and Development Agency plans to issue a request for proposals for the so-called Parcel M at 3 Dolphin Way off Raymond L. Flynn Marine Industrial Park after an earlier plan to relocate the New Boston Food Market to the parcel from Widett Circle in Boston fell through due to financial and logistical challenges, per the Boston Business Journal’s Catherine Carlock.

According to the city, the 3.5-acre parcel could now support a range of developments, including seafood-processing businesses, distribution operations, high-tech manufacturing, and life sciences. If Parcel M does host the final possibility, that project would join a host of life sciences developments peppering the Boston region.

It would also join other new development either under way or proposed for the South Boston waterfront, too, including a 411-key hotel complex at 660 Summer Street.