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Boston Gentrification

5 Boston neighborhoods everyone should be watching

And one in Cambridge! Major developments and streetscape changes are driving massive transformations in these locales. How will they look in five or 10 years? We have a pretty good idea.

Old-school Boston: Which parts do you hope remain?

Are there certain shops, bars, cultural institutions and landmarks, random neighborhood features, quirks of the T, etc. that you hope gentrification never sinks its morbid claws in? It's Friday Open Thread time!

The five Boston neighborhoods to watch

These are the five neighborhoods to watch as 2016 begins its slow fade into 2017. Why are they the five to watch? Because of the changes afoot in each, most of it due to new developments and some of it quite existential.

Condos and yoga would replace auto shops in Eastie

In yet another sign of a changing East Boston, a Brookline-based developer has proposed replacing auto shops and a parking lot along Border Street with 64 condos as well around 1,200 square feet of commercial space and an art gallery.

Downtown Crossing at Night

The neighborhood is steadily changing, and the pictures prove it.

Controversial Southie Starbucks gets green light

Barely a week after delaying a vote on allowing a Starbucks to open at L Street and East Broadway, Boston's licensing board approved the coffeehouse. The decision caps months of kvetching between foes and friends, chiefly over gentrification.

City kicks Southie Starbucks vote down the road

Boston’s licensing board decided on Aug. 18 to delay its decision on a proposed Starbucks at L Street and East Broadway in Southie. The board was expected to vote on the proposal, capping months of controversy.

Could Boston Get More Green?

With a population on the upswing, Boston needs even more green space to keep pace.

Quincy Center's West of Chestnut Apartments Start Rolling Out

Boston Gentrification Since '00: Some Parts More Than Others

Is Dudley Square the Next South End? A Cafe May Tell All