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Boston Real Estate Market Reports

Now what for housing prices in the Boston area?

New stats for March show steep drops in the supply of available homes. But that only appeared to help drive prices that much higher, pandemic or not.

Massachusetts housing inventory tanks amid coronavirus

A new report shows declines in key measures of just how many options buyers have. Meanwhile, sales decline too.

Big condo price gains to start 2020 in downtown Boston

But the coronavirus pandemic has upended just about everything housing market-wise, so these figures likely represent a peak for some time to come.

Coronavirus and condo sales: What’s going on in Boston

Some neighborhoods saw spikes in the number of trades during the three months ended March 30 despite the pandemic, while others saw steep drop-offs in activity.

Downtown Boston prices reach what’s probably a peak

Yes, there were records galore for condo and townhouse trades during the three months ended March 30—but the signs of change are there due to coronavirus.

Renting vs. buying in the Boston area during coronavirus

It’s not an easy decision in the best of times—now with coronavirus there’s more to consider.

How many Bostonians struggled with housing costs for April?

Hard to say. But a new analysis estimates that nearly 1 in 4 tenant and owner households regionally had trouble making the rent or the mortgage, likely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Homesellers pull back in the Boston area

A new report shows a sharp decline in the number of new listings for the metro area since the novel coronavirus pandemic was declared. What might it mean for prices?

Sign of things to come? Pending condo sales plunge statewide

But sales of single-families were up during a March that saw the novel coronavirus pandemic declared, according to the latest figures.

Rents throughout the Boston region remain high: report

Just when so many tenants and prospective tenants could use a break, the numbers hold steady into April.

Rising rent burdens and the Boston area amid coronavirus

Unemployment and income loss will cause more households to spend more of their income on rent, new figures show—and higher earners might feel it the most.

Boston rents steady heading into April despite coronavirus

It’s too early to gauge the pandemic’s effects, if any, on what’s still one the priciest U.S. cities for leasing an apartment.

Here were Mass. home prices right before coronavirus

New February figures from the Massachusetts Association of Realtors showed increases in closing tags for condos and single-families. That could seem like ancient history in a couple of weeks.

Boston millennials lag other generations in homeownership

And a recession is unlikely to help. Here’s why.

Boston apartment rents rolling into spring on a high note

New figures show year-over-year increases throughout the region, with Cambridge and Boston the most expensive municipalities for renting.

Boston’s terrible traffic is a side effect of its housing market

Never forget that the high rents and prices in Boston and its surrounding region contribute mightily to their worst-in-the-nation congestion. How best to break the logjam?

Where Boston housing prices have increased the most

Median home prices jumped across Boston from 2014 to 2019, according to new figures, with particularly pronounced increases in Mission Hill, East Boston, and upper Dorchester.

Boston median condo price hits $700,000

The median price for houses in the city also rose at the start of 2020. There just isn’t enough supply to satisfy all the potential homebuyers.

That buyer’s market in Greater Boston? Sit tight.

Not until inventory increases will the market really turn—and the latest numbers from early 2020 show that that increase elusive.

Mass. home prices and sales bounce at the start of 2020

Lack of supply plus steady demand equals higher costs for buyers—but they keep coming.

10 solutions to the Boston area’s housing shortage

Officials, activists, and others have embraced varying ideas—with varying degrees of success—to address what everyone agrees is a crisis in supply.

Apartment rents in 20 Boston-area towns and cities

A February report shows rents jumped year over year in places such as Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. What else is new?

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Why Boston-area rents are so high

Restrictive zoning, poor planning, lots of students, not enough construction—these realities and more keep the Boston region’s apartments expensive.

Where over-asks are most common in the Boston area

Malden and Cambridge were relatively rife with over-asks in 2019, while Boston proper saw relatively few.

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Over-asks are largely over in Greater Boston

In a region where bidding wars were once the norm, barely one-third of homes last year went for above their original tags.

Apartment rents along the T: Where’s it cheaper?

An analysis of leasing costs along the Boston area’s main mass transit system shows annual increases in one-bedroom rents around dozens of stops—but also some deals.

Few families occupy Greater Boston’s larger homes

Instead, older empty-nesters and roommates cluster in condos and apartments with three bedrooms and up—the sort perfect for families with kids—a new report says.

First-time homebuyers poured into the Mass. market in 2019: report

They accounted for 45 percent of purchases last year, much higher than the share nationally and despite steeper prices and scarcer inventory.

Everything’s getting more expensive in Boston’s luxury condo market

What else is new? The sector continues to easily outpace the rest of a market that appears to be cooling. Here are the latest stats and a glimpse of what’s to come.

Boston home sales and prices jump: report

The city’s real estate market still appears to be turning in buyers’ favor after years of frenzied competition and escalating askings.

Good news for prospective Boston-area buyers—really

The housing market continues its turn, despite surges in sales and prices in late 2019.

More than 1 in 3 Boston-area renters looking to leave: report

Can you blame them given the region’s high rents? Still, a good share of tenants are looking to stay for whatever reasons.

Boston-area housing now worth $845 billion total: report

Such a figure underscores just how pricey residential real estate has become in recent years. What’s next?

Downtown Boston townhouse sales decline as prices rise

The recent sales drop mirrors a trend in the wider Boston housing market. Meanwhile, downtown condos are doing just fine.

Downtown Boston condo prices by neighborhood

Most of the city’s core enclaves, including Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South Boston, and the South End, remain on the pricier side at the start of 2020. But there are some surprises.

Downtown Boston condo prices vs. the rest of the city

The end of 2019 was apparently quite a swell time to be a seller in neighborhoods such as Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, and South Boston.

Why the rent control debate is happening now

The Boston region for years has been among the most expensive areas in the U.S. for renters. Would caps on rent increases change that?

In the Boston-area rental market, early 2020 sure looks like early 2019

New statistics show that apartment rents haven’t budged much in 12 months—and they certainly haven’t dropped significantly.

The Boston area’s booming life sciences industry and why it matters for real estate

Jobs in the field pay handsomely, and that helps fuel a housing market that’s come to depend on more affluent tenants and buyers.