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Boston Transportation

Boston traffic and transit post-pandemic: Just imagine

The novel coronavirus has so many people sticking close to home that it has highlighted the potential for real change when it comes to transportation. What’d you think will happen?

What should federal infrastructure money go to in Boston?

The Blue Line to Lynn, climate-change protections, a direct North Station-South Station link—these and other possibilities should be on the region’s wish list if a coronavirus-related infrastructure initiative bears fruit in D.C.

10 Boston stories that have nothing to do with coronavirus

If you need a distraction, here’s some choice writing from us about our glorious region.

T changes due to coronavirus: What to know

The changes to buses, trolleys, subways, commuter rail, and ferries come amid an ongoing debate over mass transit’s value to the growing Boston region.

Hyde Park pitch highlights housing potential around transit

The 1201 River Street project would include 48 condos near two commuter rail stations. Its developer describes it as "workforce housing."

Boston’s terrible traffic is a side effect of its housing market

Never forget that the high rents and prices in Boston and its surrounding region contribute mightily to their worst-in-the-nation congestion. How best to break the logjam?

Boston traffic congestion worst in America: study

Boston drivers waste 149 hours a year stuck in traffic and lose $2,205 on average because of it.

Another Boston parking lot inches toward redevelopment

Bay Village’s 132 Arlington Street has traded for $9.25 million to a well-known Boston developer—but it’s going to stay a parking lot for a bit longer.

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How to get to Western Massachusetts

It’s not just the Berkshire Mountains, and there are plenty of ways to visit.

Apartment rents along the T: Where’s it cheaper?

An analysis of leasing costs along the Boston area’s main mass transit system shows annual increases in one-bedroom rents around dozens of stops—but also some deals.

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10 two-bedrooms for sale off the Blue Line

These spreads from the northern reaches of Revere to the edge of downtown Boston range in price from well under $500,000 to well over $2 million.

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10 two-bedrooms for sale off the Red Line

These spreads in Cambridge, Boston, and Quincy each offer a fair amount of space as well as ready proximity to the T’s busiest line.

Bluebikes could expand into five more cities and towns

The expansion of the Boston region’s dominant bike-share system might roll out as soon as this spring, but there are funding challenges.

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11 beginner bike rides in the Boston area

New to biking in the Boston region? Or to urban biking in general? These routes will ease you into either.

Bike-sharing in the Boston area, explained

By mid-2018, there were a handful of bike-share options in the Boston area and maybe more on the way. As of early 2020, there’s really only one. Here are the details.

Lime to stop bike-share operations in the Boston region

The San Francisco outfit says it will instead double down on e-scooters. It’s at least the fourth bike-share system in Greater Boston to cease operations.

What happened to all the bike-shares in the Boston area?

Dockless operations have been hit particularly hard since early 2018—despite the obvious popularity of bike-shares in general.

Back Bay parking space asks $300K—a steal, right?

Downtown Boston’s parking norms are shifting, making spots like this one in a Marlborough Street garage even more coveted.

How to make money off your Boston parking space

If you own a parking space in the Boston area, you own gold. How do you spin that gold into more gold? Like this.

Boston’s most noticeable mass transit changes in 2020

Station closures along the Green Line and new bus routes are among alterations riders won’t be able to miss this year.

Boston’s built environment in the 2020s

What’s going to happen? Let’s use today’s regional development and transportation trends to divine tomorrow’s.

Land around T stations could support 253,000 new housing units: report

That would likely ease the region’s notoriously congested roadways—but there are catches.

Somerville’s first zoning overhaul since 1990

The city’s new rules repeal minimum parking requirements for most of Somerville and allow backyard cottages—including tiny homes—among myriad other changes.

How sports shaped the Boston area this decade

More than anything, sports meant a way in to debating how to improve the region—especially when it came to whether or not to host the Olympics.

Boston’s Northern Avenue Bridge might reopen as a pedestrian paradise. Yay?

It’ll be 2025 by then, and the city will likely have taken even more monumental steps to alter its relationship with cars.

5 Boston-area real estate trends that need to continue in the 2020s

Transit-oriented development, regional cooperation, the repurposing of parking lots—it wouldn’t be bad for the housing-starved region if these and other trends rolled on.

Your drive to work in the Boston area is costing you—a lot

Drivers can spend nearly $10,000 a year commuting. It’s probably the housing costs, but it’s so much more.

7 Boston-area transportation realities that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Uber, bike-shares, extended Green and Silver lines, a bigger Logan, and more—transit sure has changed since 2010.

It’s gotten more expensive to rent near major Boston transit hubs

A new analysis spells out the rise this past year in rents in larger buildings near South Station, North Station, Back Bay Station, and elsewhere.

Why Boston-area traffic is so bad

No, it’s got nothing to do with Massholes. It’s more about app-hails, population, the T, and parking.

How to get around the Boston area if you don’t own a car

Or if you don’t want to own one—it is possible.

Should Boston ban cars from its downtown?

It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Meanwhile, the city is a couple of months away from a request for proposals for reconstructing Downtown Crossing’s pedestrian zone.

How to get to and from Logan Airport without a car

There are too many cars anyway at New England’s busiest transportation hub.

The Boston area’s 10 most walkable neighborhoods

These enclaves include the North End, the South End, and Beacon Hill as well as bits of Cambridge and Somerville.

Dockless e-bikes a means to an end and not to the T: Report

New data suggests that e-bike users in the Boston area are hopping on the vehicles for entire commutes—and not necessarily to cover the last bits before mass transit stops.

5 missed opportunities that have made Boston-area transit that much worse

How much better things might be if North and South stations had been directly linked, or Logan Airport built farther from downtown—alas!

Another trim to Riverside proposal in Newton

The multi-building project next to a Green Line terminus would now run to just over 1 million square feet and include more apartments.

Uber and Lyft at Logan: What to know now

New drop-off and pickup points—and fees—are apparently designed to cut down on congestion at New England’s busiest transportation hub.

Did e-scooters in the Boston area just turn a corner?

Micromobility firm Lime is using the results of a recent survey regarding its Brookline pilot program to fuel its push for more electric battery-powered scooters in the region.