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Water Week

Water Week

Water Week dives into all things water-related in the Boston area, from its effects on development to its relation to real estate prices to its support of business and pleasure hereabouts. The glass is always half-full at Curbed Boston. Swim along!

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9 waterfront open-house options that won’t break the bank

This weekend’s open house tour proves that a waterside home doesn’t need to break the bank—by Boston standards at least. Come along.

What homes in the Seaport District cost right now

Yup, they cost a lot. But how much? And how does that compare with other areas along the region’s waterfront? New analyses tell all.

Big reveal: a waterfront two-bedroom with views of Dorchester Bay

A plurality of readers—30 percent—guessed the correct asking for this two-bedroom, one-bath condo in South Boston a stone’s throw from Dorchester Bay. Further results this way ...

What’s the next big thing the Boston region should do with its water?

Perhaps it’s time for designated swimming areas in the Charles. Or maybe it’s time for additional commuter ferries on additional ferry routes. Sound off—no idea too blue-sky.

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10 priciest homes for sale on Boston’s Waterfront

Just about everyone knows that the Waterfront is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the entire region. What is the priciest residential real estate of this pricey neighborhood? Glad you asked.

Drink locally: How Boston’s water powers local businesses

Once upon a time, the city’s water supply—fairly or not—had a terrible reputation. That has changed dramatically, and local breweries, eateries, wholesalers, etc., are only too happy to capitalize on the clean rep.

Boston’s big master plan pivots on waterfront

The Walsh administration is putting the finishing touches on Imagine Boston 2030, the city’s first master plan since the 1960s. It’s been at least two years in the making, and water appears to be central to the whole thing.

Boston Waterfront prices vs. other waterfront prices

The average asking price for market-price homes along Boston’s Waterfront is $995 a square foot, according to a new analysis. How does the neighborhood compare with other water-facing enclaves such as Neponset and Squantum?

9 fun facts about Deer Island, the Boston area’s sewage hub

Nestled amid 60 acres of open space within the Boston Islands National Recreation Area is the Deer Island Treatment Plant, the engineering marvel that sorts, cleans, and collates waste for the region. Curbed Boston toured it recently. You won’t believe the crap we found.

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Boston pools: 31 public and private ones, mapped

These selections include elegant indoor affairs in some of the region’s tonier hotels as well as free spray and wading pools in state- and city-run facilities.

A local’s guide to Fort Point, Boston’s waterfront artists’ haven

A filmmaker who has lived and worked in the area for nearly six years gives us an insider’s take on Fort Point, including its hidden gems and driving forces.

What East Boston waterfront homes cost right now

The average asking price for market-rate homes along the rapidly changing Eastie shore is $476 a square foot right now. How does that compare with other waterfront stretches?

Waterfront prices in Dorchester’s Savin Hill and Neponset

The average asking price for market-rate listings in always-desirable Dorchester’s especially desirable Neponset and Savin Hill areas is $444 a square foot. Let’s break it down some more, shall we?

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12 Boston-area lighthouses to tour this summer

Massachusetts has dozens of lighthouses, but only a relative handful are officially open to the public. Many of these, too, are open only during the warmer months.

South Boston’s biggest development ever? 2.1M square feet

Developers have proposed transforming the shuttered Edison power plant into 1,588 apartments and condos, a 150-room hotel, 339,000 square feet of office space, and 68,000 square feet of retail. There are some hitches.

Quincy waterfront prices vs. those in Boston

One is definitely more expensive than the other, even when you get to the tops of their respective markets. Yet, one analysts says it’s only a matter of time before Quincy matches its much bigger northern neighbor.

What Boston is doing to fight rising sea levels

In 1985, the Boston Globe surveyed residents along the city’s coastline about federal efforts to combat rising tide. "Not one was aware." Nowadays, the fight is unavoidable. But what’s actually going on?

How much for a waterfront 2-BR with Dorchester Bay views?

The sellers renovated the kitchen and the bathroom in this South Boston condo, which includes a porch that will be just about perfect this summer. Take a look around and try to guess the asking price.

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Boston's 12 best waterfront parks, mapped

If Boston has one thing, it's waterfront. And along that waterfront are some fabulous parks. The 12 best include large swaths of national parkland, quiet(ish) alcoves amid the urban bustle, and expanses chock-a-block full of sports facilities.

Welcome to Curbed Boston’s Water Week!

The region’s development, real estate, urban planning, and transportation has been bound up for centuries in the water flowing around and through it. So this week we’re going to dive into just about every aspect of how H2O defines, drives, and hinders Boston and its environs.