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Building trade unions call for construction moratorium in Massachusetts

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Other big development news of the week includes the 10 tallest Boston buildings by mid-decade and speculation surrounding federal infrastructure funding

Welcome back to Critical Mass., in which Curbed Boston covers the region’s major development news every week. The novel coronavirus pandemic continues to upend things. The week’s biggest news, in fact, is a call by building trade unions for a halt to nonessential construction statewide to stem the spread of the pathogen.

Now to another bit of development news related to the pandemic. There are rumblings in D.C. about a possible $2 trillion infrastructure package. Some of that money will surely find its way to the Boston region. What should it be spent on?

Looking up at a very tall, glassy skyscraper. Boston Globe via Getty Images

And, pandemic or not, these 10 building are almost certain to be the tallest in Boston—the tallest in the U.S. north of New York City, in fact—by the middle of the decade.