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Boston-area renters and coronavirus: What to know

Can I still move May 1? Will I be evicted? What if my rent goes up? Can my rent go up? Answers to these and other questions as the pandemic upends the region’s real estate.

How to make the most of your Boston-area mudroom

Even if you don’t even really have one yet.

Virtual decluttering might do the trick: Cambridge expert

Home-stager and -organizer Bianca Baader reminds us that, like with so much else involving house and home these days, virtual can play a role in getting organized fast.

Start organizing your home with this Cambridge expert’s tips

The Little Details’ Stasia Steele explains the power of labels, that last 10 percent of effort, and the hardest habit to break.

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How to rent a Boston-area apartment

Know where to search, what questions to ask, when to look, and more when hunting for an apartment in one of the most expensive rental markets in the U.S.

How to organize your home office, per a Cambridge expert

BoConcept’s Anthony Goodh says making it easy to put things away makes it easy to stay organized.

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What to know about remote leasing in Greater Boston

Remote leasing—or virtual tours, or renting sight unseen—is the new normal for now as brokers and landlords abandon traditional open houses and tours to help stem the spread of coronavirus.

How to keep your Boston-area home organized longterm

Expert organizer Kathy Vines on how to overcome the real challenge to being home so much due to coronavirus.

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The best houseplants for Greater Boston

Pothos, Haworthia, Snake Plant, and a succulent substitute—these species and others don’t mind the winter blahs, according to the experts, and they add flair to any interior.

The Twitter feeds to follow about Boston real estate

These accounts are for prospective homebuyers in the Boston region to check for trends, analysis, and data.

10 books for understanding Boston better

So many superb titles have tackled Boston’s culture, history, and quirks. Here’s a selection to help you better understand the city today. Which titles would you add?

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South Boston’s 6 must-visit sites, explained

Awaiting adventures range from the historic to the whimsical, including the Lawn on D, the Dorchester Heights Memorial, and Castle Island.

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Chinatown’s 6 must-visit sites

These spots, perfect for history and culture buffs, range from iconic to hiding in plain sight—the Chinatown gate, murals, Chinese Merchants Association Building, and more.

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The South End’s 6 must-visit sites

Celebrate the enviable Boston enclave with stops at SoWa, Underground at Ink Block, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, and elsewhere.

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Why Boston-area rents are so high

Restrictive zoning, poor planning, lots of students, not enough construction—these realities and more keep the Boston region’s apartments expensive.

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Western Mass.’ best small towns and cities to visit

Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast, a history fiend, or an arts aficionado, there’s a locale for you—and only two hours and change from Boston.

Should you move to Boston in 2020?

Here are 10 pieces of advice on neighborhoods, transportation, recreation, and cost of living for anyone considering the area this year.

What to do around the Boston area over Christmas and New Year’s

Gorge on architecture, museums, parks, light displays, monuments, trails, and more. The best part? They’re all free or close to it.

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Where to propose in Boston, mapped

Acorn Street, TD Garden, Fenway Park, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, Butterfly Hollow at the Franklin Park Zoo—these and more are the perfect spots for popping the big question.

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Boston’s best holiday light displays, mapped

Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston Common, the Public Garden, Seaport Common, and elsewhere—holiday cheer by the bulbful.

Boston vs. Natick vs. the Boston area : Rules for describing where you’re from if you’re from here

How close to Boston proper does one have to be to say one grew up in/lives in/hails from "Boston"?

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The Boston area’s top holiday markets, mapped

Seize the season with these local collections of vendors, which might offer fun beyond shopping.

5 Boston-area trends that won’t survive the 2010s

Remember micro-apartments? Or "Somerville is the New Brooklyn"? When’s the last time you grabbed a coffee in the Innovation District?

Why Boston-area traffic is so bad

No, it’s got nothing to do with Massholes. It’s more about app-hails, population, the T, and parking.

The ultimate guide to Logan Airport

How to navigate transportation, food, hotels, accessibility, pets, and more at New England’s busiest transportation hub.

The Boston area’s 10 most walkable neighborhoods

These enclaves include the North End, the South End, and Beacon Hill as well as bits of Cambridge and Somerville.

How to pick a Boston neighborhood

Transportation, housing costs, schools, parks, property taxes, and more should factor into any decision about where to live in the Boston area.

10 reasons to be optimistic about the Boston area right now

From housing construction to bike lanes to public-private efforts combating climate change, there are reasons to smile rather than frown into the new year.

How Boston’s neighborhoods got their names

Geography, infills, independence movements—all played roles in shaping the city’s positional vocabulary.

Gillette Stadium: The ultimate guide to the home of the New England Patriots

How to get there, where to sit, what to eat, and why the Foxborough arena might never have happened without the Jackson 5—save this rundown for every game day.

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10 Boston strolls perfect for fall, mapped

No major U.S. city does fall quite like Boston. These routes through the likes of Franklin Park, the Arnold Arboretum, and Boston Common prove it.

Massachusetts’ EEE outbreak: What to know

Cases of the debilitating, sometimes fatal virus remain extremely rare in the state, but the risk is there for all of the Boston area.

The 12 most iconic Boston images, explained

Images of triple-deckers, Fenway Park, Copley Square, two bridges in particular, heavy traffic, and more positively scream ‘Boston’ to the world.

Welcome to Boston! Pro tips for settling in and fitting in

Late summer and early fall can be one of the busiest times for relocations to the Boston area. Here are some things to make the big move that much easier.

The ultimate guide to Fenway Park

Where to sit, what to eat, when to sing ‘Sweet Caroline,’ what’s new, and more at Major League Baseball’s oldest arena—and how to get there.

Downtown Boston’s 6 must-visit sites

These stops include pre-Revolutionary War sites such as Faneuil Hall and the Old State House as well as Boston’s thoroughly modern City Hall.

The North End’s 6 must-visit sites

These sites include two major parks—Christopher Columbus and Langone—and the Paul Revere House as well as the Old North Church.

The 7 Boston Harbor Islands accessible by ferry, explained

Ideal for camping, hiking, picnicking, and more, these spits just miles from the Boston area are open to the public during the warmer months.

Charlestown’s 6 must-visit sites

These include the oldest bar in Massachusetts and the oldest commissioned battleship on Earth.