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For Sale in Greater Boston

Homes for sale in the region, but not necessarily within the City of Boston.

What $650,000 buys in Somerville now

Discover what the sum commands in Ten Hills, Winter Hill, East Somerville, and elsewhere.

Renovated midcentury modern in Lincoln asks $1.15 million

The rustic redoubt 30 minutes from Boston was redone in 2019 and 2020, and includes four bedrooms

There’s something striking about this Cambridge price tag

The two-bedroom spread near Fresh Pond has one bathroom and a very cool enclosed deck—but, really, it’s its $690,000 asking that jumps out.

Big reveal: A Somerville three-bedroom near Tufts

Very few Curbed Boston readers guessed this one—did you?

Harvard Square gut-renovation asks nearly $2.3 million

The condo on a storied street that has hosted Julia Child and e.e. cummings, among other notables, has four bedrooms.

Sign of things to come? Pending condo sales plunge statewide

But sales of single-families were up during a March that saw the novel coronavirus pandemic declared, according to the latest figures.

How much for a Somerville three-bedroom near Tufts?

The condo comes with one bathroom too. Take a look around and then take your best guess re: the price.

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Midcentury modern in Lincoln asks $1.4 million

Walter Pierce designed the airy, sleek house in the rustic redoubt, which featured in the 2019 film "Knives Out."

Stately Greek revival on Arlington’s Spy Pond has its own dock

The house—retailing now for nearly $1.4 million—dates from 1880 and includes the original wraparound porches.

8 first-time homebuyer programs for the Boston area

Wary of the high barriers to housing entry? Try these local, state, and federal programs to try to get around challenges such as high down payments and closing costs.

Rustic stunner in Cambridge wants $2.5 million

The bones of the redone New England Greek Revival near Fresh Pond date from the late 1840s.

How to find affordable housing in the Boston area

Looking for breaks in Cambridge, Somerville, Boston proper, and elsewhere? We have intel on applying for subsidized and set-aside units in one of the most expensive housing markets in the U.S.

Sunny Philly in Somerville asks just under $950,000

The duplex done in the housing setup that’s somewhat rare for the Boston area comes with a large patio and the potential to add a basement space.

Yawning Chelsea loft with century-old ceilings asks $489,000

It’s not uncommon to find such cavernous spaces in Boston’s norther neighbor—but the prices!

Boston millennials lag other generations in homeownership

And a recession is unlikely to help. Here’s why.

Sunny Cambridge two-bedroom asks under $600,000

Unusually inexpensive for the People’s Republic? The spread in a two-unit property just off Danehy Park also comes with central air.

Somerville Victorian with two sunrooms asks $1.65 million

The circa-1900 spread in the Powder House Square-Magoun Square borderlands includes original details as well as the potential for four bedrooms.

Coronavirus-related limits could impact Boston open houses

Gov. Charlie Baker has banned gatherings of more than 25 people in Massachusetts. What will that do to open houses and new-development openings?

Boston-area open houses aren’t feeling coronavirus effects yet

Attendance has been steady in the face of the pandemic, though brokers say that could change.

One of Cambridge’s oldest houses is on sale

The 10-room, six-fireplace manse along Garden Street dates from 1810. That means the staircase and a lot of the cabinetry is historically protected.

Boston’s terrible traffic is a side effect of its housing market

Never forget that the high rents and prices in Boston and its surrounding region contribute mightily to their worst-in-the-nation congestion. How best to break the logjam?

Expansive Tudor in Arlington Heights asks $879,000

The four-bedroom house dating from 1933 has an unfinished basement and a garage too.

Tour Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s Brookline home

Go inside the couple’s expansive estate, which is retailing for $33.9 million as the New England Patriots quarterback approaches free agency.

Porter Square two-bedroom makes good use of its space

The redone Cambridge spread includes two bedrooms and two decks. It’s retailing for just under $780,000.

A pool table comes with this cute Tudor in Medford

The five-bedroom house on sale for $859,900 is an excellent example of the potential farther from downtown Boston.

Arlington Center triplex with outdoor space wants $725,000

The condo in a property dating from 1910 is a good example of the sorts of deals that can be found farther from the Boston area.

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Shingle on Cambridge’s famed Irving Street asks $4.8 million

The house that William Ralph Emerson designed at No. 110 includes six bedrooms and five bathrooms. And dig the fireplaces.

Bright Brookline contemporary asks under $900,000

In the same neighborhood in the same town where Tom Brady’s asking $33 million-plus there’s a humbler yet very nice spread for sale.

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The 5 types of buyers in Boston’s housing market now

Moneybags, the Usual Suspects, the Rental Expat, and more—learn who you’ll encounter if you take the homebuying plunge in the area in 2020.

Million-dollar fixer-upper for sale in Somerville

The 11-room Winter Hill house near the Green Line’s future Gilman Station sits on a sizable lot and includes the potential for seven bedrooms.

East Somerville three-bedroom asks $525,000

The spread includes parking, a washer-dryer, and two decks. Is that a deal?

Capacious Cambridgeport townhouse asks $1.28 million

The 30-year-old spread is but five rooms, but it makes the most of the space through its volume.

Arboreal Arlington colonial retailing for $669,000

The hardwood-heavy house in Arlington Heights dates from 1922, and includes three bedrooms.

Davis Square fixer-upper asks $995,000

It’s a rare such offering in the increasingly expensive Somerville enclave—and for good reason.

Cambridge mansion with eight fireplaces asks $15.5 million

And of course the 14-room Brattle Street spread isn’t even the most expensive home for sale in the People’s Republic.

Harvard Square rowhouse a rare sales offering

Not too many single-families turn over in the Cambridge enclave. This nine-room one is asking just shy of $3 million.

What $900,000 buys in Somerville

Uncover what the sum commands in enclaves such as Prospect Hill, West Somerville, and Spring Hill.

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Why Boston-area housing prices are so high

Poor planning, perennially high demand, and horrid commutes are just a few of the reasons.

Sprightly Somerville colonial wants $1 million

The 11-room house is the product of a meticulous restoration of a property dating from 1900.