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Resources for Boston-area renters amid coronavirus

Where can I go for coronavirus-related housing help? Where can I find affordable housing? Answers to these and other questions here.

Renting vs. buying in the Boston area during coronavirus

It’s not an easy decision in the best of times—now with coronavirus there’s more to consider.

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Everything about renting in the Boston area amid coronavirus

Here’s regularly updated news and information for tenants as the pandemic upends an already infamously difficult rental market.

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How to search for a Boston-area apartment

These 12 sites provide prospective tenants with ways to filter one of the most competitive and expensive rental markets in the United States. Each has its pros and cons.

How to tour Boston-area cultural institutions from home

Stuck inside? You can still experience some of the best exhibits and collections that places such as Harvard, the New England Aquarium, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner have to offer.

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Where to donate home goods in the Boston area

Decluttering a lot more lately? Of course you are. Here are organizations that will take furniture, home goods, clothing, and more off your hands—and when.

What Boston-area buyers should know about virtual tours

Sight-unseen purchasing has skyrocketed to prominence amid coronavirus. Here’s what to look for and the questions to ask.

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Steal these home office ideas from Boston-area properties

Never before have so many personal workspaces been cobbled together so fast in the Boston area as in the past three weeks.

8 first-time homebuyer programs for the Boston area

Wary of the high barriers to housing entry? Try these local, state, and federal programs to try to get around challenges such as high down payments and closing costs.

Virtual decluttering might do the trick: Cambridge expert

Home-stager and -organizer Bianca Baader reminds us that, like with so much else involving house and home these days, virtual can play a role in getting organized fast.

Start organizing your home with this Cambridge expert’s tips

The Little Details’ Stasia Steele explains the power of labels, that last 10 percent of effort, and the hardest habit to break.

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How to rent a Boston-area apartment

Know where to search, what questions to ask, when to look, and more when hunting for an apartment in one of the most expensive rental markets in the U.S.

How to find affordable housing in the Boston area

Looking for breaks in Cambridge, Somerville, Boston proper, and elsewhere? We have intel on applying for subsidized and set-aside units in one of the most expensive housing markets in the U.S.

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10 tenant rights every Boston-area renter should know

From repairs to rent increases to security deposits to withholding the monthly check, here’s what you should know if you lease a home in Greater Boston.

How to organize your home office, per a Cambridge expert

BoConcept’s Anthony Goodh says making it easy to put things away makes it easy to stay organized.

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What to know about remote leasing in Greater Boston

Remote leasing—or virtual tours, or renting sight unseen—is the new normal for now as brokers and landlords abandon traditional open houses and tours to help stem the spread of coronavirus.

How to keep your Boston-area home organized longterm

Expert organizer Kathy Vines on how to overcome the real challenge to being home so much due to coronavirus.

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The best houseplants for Greater Boston

Pothos, Haworthia, Snake Plant, and a succulent substitute—these species and others don’t mind the winter blahs, according to the experts, and they add flair to any interior.

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How to free up space in your Boston-area home

The experts say to repurpose and cull, among other tips, but we want to hear from you about how you’re dealing with more time—and people—in the house due to coronavirus.

How to stay home in the Boston area

Organize, cull, and connect—and know how to order in. And relax. These tips will help you weather the region’s de facto lockdown tied to coronavirus.

Where to look for lawns in Boston

Certain neighborhoods in the city—including West Roxbury and Roslindale—lend themselves to the bucolic expanses.

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South Boston’s 6 must-visit sites, explained

Awaiting adventures range from the historic to the whimsical, including the Lawn on D, the Dorchester Heights Memorial, and Castle Island.

Everything you need to know about Boston triple-deckers

From key features to costs to financing options to the pros and cons of owning the famous housing type—it’s all here.

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The 5 best homebuying apps for the Boston region

Given the region’s high prices and its diverse housing stock, even starting a homebuying search can be a headache. These sites ease you in.

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Chinatown’s 6 must-visit sites

These spots, perfect for history and culture buffs, range from iconic to hiding in plain sight—the Chinatown gate, murals, Chinese Merchants Association Building, and more.

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Where to look when you’re looking for a loft in Boston

Certain neighborhoods in the city—including the Leather District and the southern slice of Dorchester—lend themselves to the cavernous housing type.

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5 Boston parks for home and garden design inspiration

Unsheathe your creativity with visits to the Public Garden, Franklin Park, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, and elsewhere.

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The South End’s 6 must-visit sites

Celebrate the enviable Boston enclave with stops at SoWa, Underground at Ink Block, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, and elsewhere.

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How to get to Western Massachusetts

It’s not just the Berkshire Mountains, and there are plenty of ways to visit.

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The best Boston-area places to break up with someone

From bustling spots such as South Station and Copley Square to quieter environs such as the Boston Public Library and the Arnold Arboretum, these are the choicest locations for moving on.

What’s a starter home in the Boston area?

The region’s more attainable properties are not necessarily that small. Nor are they necessarily that inexpensive. Come along for an explanation.

How to fix anything in your Boston-area neighborhood

From potholes to piled-up garbage to broken lights to busted traffic signals—never despair of civic repairs again.

Bike-sharing in the Boston area, explained

By mid-2018, there were a handful of bike-share options in the Boston area and maybe more on the way. As of early 2020, there’s really only one. Here are the details.

10 things every Boston-area newcomer should know

Here’s undiluted advice on getting around, getting out, getting a place, and more.

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Where to shop for furniture and home decor in the Boston area

These selections range from discount spots for the more budget-conscious to higher-end boutiques that put the "hand" in "handmade."

How to make money off your Boston parking space

If you own a parking space in the Boston area, you own gold. How do you spin that gold into more gold? Like this.

How to get around the Boston area if you don’t own a car

Or if you don’t want to own one—it is possible.

How to get to and from Logan Airport without a car

There are too many cars anyway at New England’s busiest transportation hub.